Thursday, December 8, 2016

In Ukraine, will start 5G as an experiment

In Ukraine, will start 5G as an experiment. The initiators of the experiment became the Presidential Administration and the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communications and informatization. We are currently discussing how to do so, to begin experimenting with 5G in Ukraine today. All interested players telecommunications market will be able to take part in this project. He added that at present it is too early to discuss the full launch of 5G in the country. Speaking about the full run on 5G is impossible today, since there is not yet a given communication standards, as well as equipment and mobile devices that they would support.

Earlier it was reported that in the ranking of countries based on mobile internet speeds Ukraine took one of the last places.
The average data transfer rate in Ukraine was estimated at 5.78 Mbit / s.
It is remarkable that the average speed of mobile Internet in South Korea, more than Ukrainian figure 7 times (41.34 Mb / s).

Singapore is also among the leaders of the rating (31.19 Mb / s), Hungary (26.15 Mb / s), Australia (25.10 Mb / s) and Denmark (23.35 Mb / s).

Very slowly, the mobile Internet has been in Afghanistan (2,17 Mbit / s), Costa Rica (2,55 Mbit / s) and Ethiopia (2,78 Mbit / s).

The airport "Borispol" suspended flights 08/12/2016

The airport "Borispol" suspended flights.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oleg Skripka - new song Ukraine (Lyric video with Oleg Shupliak's Art)

The leader of the group "Vopli Vidopliassova" Oleg Skripka congratulated the Ukrainian military on the Day of the Armed Forces of the music video "Ukraine". Oleg Skripka -  new song Ukraine (Lyric video with Oleg Shupliak's Art). 
 Updated lyric video player presented with the artist Oleg Shuplyak.

The authors of the compositions in the style of neo-ethno-rock are Oleg Skripka and Eugene Gapon.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Chernobyl nuclear power plant has got New Safe Confinement - photo

Chernobyl nuclear power plant has got New Safe Confinement. The purpose of the new design «NOVARKA» is to keep radioactive materials and the protection of the existing Object Shelter from external weather conditions. Ultimately, this will ensure safety of Ukraine of the 4th Chernobyl
nuclear power plant.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Handball club from Zaporozhye "Motor" has got in the playoffs of the Champions League 2016/17

Handball club from Zaporozhye  "Motor" has got in the playoffs of the Champions League 2016/17.
"Motor" continued its winning streak in the Champions League to five matches, winning a key game in the group - in Kharkov champions of Ukraine confidently beat "Besiktas", and a round before the end of the group stage have come off four points ahead of from the Turkish team and qualified to the next round of the competition. The key player in the Ukrainian team was the goalkeeper Viktor Kireev, who already made a lot of of excellent saves, and several seven-reflected throws. If we talk about the fielders, the greatest contribution to the victory of "Motor" did Gleb Kalarash, which was marked with nine goals scored, but was sent off for fifteen minutes before the end of the match for the brute force 2-minute penalties. The name of his rival the Zaporozhians will know already in February, when it will be played the last round of Champions League group stage.
"Motor" (Ukraine) - "Besiktas" (Turkey) 34:28 (20:13)

Motor: Kalarash (9), Púchov (7) Beetle (6), Shelmenko (4), kubatko (3), Zhukova (2), Magpie (2), Buynenko (1)